Auditing and Advisory

Defentos helps its clients with different challanges relating to improving their cyber security posture. You can think of compliance with security and data protection regulations, and the assessment of cyber security maturity against internationally recognized standards and best practices such as ISA/IEC 62443.

Besides, our team helps customers by providing insights in shortcomings and advising on improvements, and any other questions relating to the assessment of the People, Process, Organization and Technology aspects of cybersecurity.

Solutions that fit to your problem statement

Defentos provides several solutions within the broad spectrum of cyber security. Defentos takes into account the organizational, process, people and technical side of security in securing Information Technology (IT) as well as Operational Technology (OT).

How we help our clients

Compliancy support

Whether it is IEC 62443, ISO 27001 or many of the other cyber security standards, Defentos can help you to comply with these standards. We help your organization by translating the standards and its controls into feasible measures that help you to comply fast.

Third Party Assessment

Cyber Security does not end at your organizational boundaries. Data and IT systems go across organizational borders to your suppliers. A hack at one of your suppliers has direct impact on your organization. Third Party Assessments can give you more insight in your risks by assessing your suppliers.

Risk assessment

Without knowing your risks, it is nearly impossible to make the right decisions and to implement cost-effective measures. Knowing your cyber security and privacy risks is therefore an important step into the right direction.

Maturity review

A review on your cyber security maturity level gives your organization a quick scan to that helps to identify the maturity level of your security controls. We give you insights into your organization’s most critical risks and give you advice on how to increase your maturity level.

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