Cyber Security Services

Our core values

Defentos services

Defentos has various services in the technology domain. We can help finding the vulnerabilities in your system by performing vulnerability assessment. An independent security assessment is recommended to ensure that the security controls that are implemented are functioning as expected. You may have extensive security defense mechanisms in place that you would like to test and that they alert you on time, allowing you to take the appropriate measures.

Technology services

Cloud service testing

Defentos offers various services with regards to the technology domain. We can help in finding vulnerabilities in your system by vulnerability analysis. An independent security assessment of your system is recommended to ensure that the security controls that are implemented are functioning well. You may have extensive security controls in place and defense mechanisms. Defentos can initiate a red teaming operation to test your defense mechanisms and that they alert you on time so that you can take the appropriate measures. At Defentos we also offer embedded testing and cloud security services.


  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration testing 
  • Design review
  • Red teaming services
  • Embedded Testing
  • Cloud security

Auditing and Advisory

The Advisory and Audit team of Defentos focuses on helping customers answering different questions relating to their cyber security posture, such as compliance with security and data protection regulations, and the assessment of an organization’s cyber security maturity level against internationally recognized standards and best practices. Besides, our team helps customers by providing insights in shortcomings and advising on improvements, and any other questions relating to the assessment of the People, Process, Organization and Technology aspects of cybersecurity.


  • Compliancy support
  • Third Party Assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • GDPR assessments
  • Maturity review

Industrial services

Environments are becoming more interconnected and transformed by the implementation of new technologies (i.e. digital transformation). This poses for new openings and opportunities for adversaries. As new technologies are being introduced, cybersecurity becomes more and more important across the board. Research shows that awareness about the importance of cybersecurity has risen. The traditional OT-systems landscape is being transformed with smart systems and real-time analytics to take advantage of the data that ‘dumb machines’ have produced in industrial settings for years. This immediately brings cyber security into the discussion, because systems need to be secure. At Defentos we offer several service to help our customers:
Compliance and Certification

  • OT Security Training
  • Asset Lifecycle support
  • Specialist OT Security Guidance
  • Design Review
  • Risk analysis and mitigation

Improving and strengthening cyber resilience

Defentos follows internally recognized standards in defining it services in order to support our customer. We can assess and improve the ability of our customers to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks. We do this by offering distinct services based on our expertise in the cyber security industry. We support and guide companies with large business operations that lack a baseline IT/OT security framework by making it resilient to cyberattacks. We call this the technology component. We also help customers in co-creating a transformational solution that involves the development of a security strategy, and consulting and guidance to enhance cybersecurity posture. By means of the solution we provide to our customers we want to enable a culture of being secure. Defentos helps in establishing this within your company.

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