These are some of the industries we work for


Recognize threats and vulnerabilities in order to know your risk profile


Protect your organization my implementing measures to reduce cyber security risks


Check your environment to stay ahead of changing risks

Respond & Recover

Have measures implemented to be ready when an incident happens

Providing world-class expertise and services

Defentos provides solutions for many challenges within the broad spectrum of cyber security. We have a variety of expertises in our team that can fulfil your company’s needs.

Defentos takes a holistic approach which incorporates the organizational, process, people as well as the technical side of security with regards to Information Technology (IT) as well as Operational Technology (OT). With this approach Defentos believes it will minimize your company’s risk and thereby leave no aspect of security untackled.

Whether it is giving insights into your risk profile, performing risk assessments, audits, or penetration tests or helping your organization to implement and comply with internationally recognized security standards, Defentos can make it work. Using industry standards and best practices such as IEC 62443, ISO 27001, NIS and NIST, Defentos can help your organization build cyber resilience and support you to be prepared against the threats of today and those of the nearby future.


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